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Piers Adams of Red Priest performs the 5th movement of the Recorder Concerto by David Bedford Shimmering!

Recorder music is very popular in Japan. Here is an ensemble performing Three Dances by Andrew Challinger, available to purchase now. It has a lovely lyrical second movement.

Overture from Suite in Eminor TWV 55 by Telemann, performed by the University Baroque Ensemble. We have this in an arrangement for four recorders.

Another great recorder ensemble piece from Andrew Challinger. Here we have the reduced version for SSA

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Featured Instrument

Sarah Jeffery of Team Recorder interviews Piers Adams, recorder virtuoso and interpreter of Baroque music. A mainstay of the British recorder scene, along with his ensemble Red Priest, we hear about his long career, approaching early music with creativity, and how (not to) ruin a recorder..! Enjoy Piers de Resistance composed for Piers by David Bedford.

Featured Performance

Dramatic music for two pianos by Malcolm Dedman, realised in a dance performance by Katherine Lingle and Sophia Vangaletos. tutti has plenty of music for two pianos - for performance or listening. Browse our catalogue of more than 200 items, today.