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Satirical Dance from "The Bolt" by Shostakovitch, for brass quintet. Find repertoire for brass ensemble.

Blues for Gilbert is a 4-mallett piece for solo vibraphone by Mark Glentworth, performed here by Brad Meyer. Browse more music for vibraphone.

A Gospel Mass by Stephan Zebe. Listen to the Sanctus and buy the sheet music. Search for choral music.

Kapustin Flute Sonata. Buy more music by Nikolai Kapustin. All available in the summer sale.

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Featured Composer

Michael Finnissy, composer and pianist, speaks about his music, his interests as a composer and how he works with performers. Buy a CD of his works or performances.

Featured Performance and Ensemble

Extract of music by Odaline de la Martinez. Composer and conductor, she records and performs extensively with her ensemble, Lontano. The video shows Rustico, performed by Lontano's Caroline Balding.