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Just to let you know that I've received the Edlian Piano Trio CD yesterday. Thank you.
I'm pleased. See you!
Françoise, Lyon, France

Thank you so much for this. I do truly appreciate all your willingness to go beyond the normal range of customer service.
Eric, Wisconsin, USA

Thank you very much for your help with this, and I very much look forward to doing business with you all in the near future.
Jonathan, Glasgow, Scotland

This was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much. I have a Piano Duo partner on the faculty at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas, who introduced me to the music of Kapustin last year, and we are both looking forward to the opportunity someday of performing this Concerto.
Jim, Amarillo, USA

My music arrived today in perfect order. Thank you so much for your excellent service!
Geneviève, Tel Aviv, Israel

Thank you for my recent order, and your most efficient service.
Anne, Isle of Wight, UK

Thank you so much for your help with this. I'm so glad I found your web site!
Gregg, Austin, USA

Thanks for the trouble you have taken on my behalf.
Ray, Sheffield, UK

Thanks. This is very helpful.
Randall, Texas, USA

You are very efficient. I will shop with you again!! The CD is great!
Patricia, London, UK

Thanks for all your prompt correspondence and attention to detail, it's been a pleasure purchasing from your company.
Justin, San Francisco, USA

I am very much looking forward to playing through all these pieces.    The cellist I perform with and I played the pieces for cello and piano last Sunday, and they were the hit of the evening. Thank you so much for your help.
Peggy, Colorado, USA

The mail lady delivered my order for David Patrick’s arrangement of Saint-Saens Chorale & Fugue. I am certainly pleasantly surprised as I only ordered it from you last Tuesday! Thanks for your outstanding attention to my order!
Ken, Victoria, Australia

Your comments about Kapustin are entirely accurate!  I'm certain to be ordering much of it in the near future - I'm so glad to have been able to track down a retailer who carries it, as music stores here in the U.S. generally have never heard of the man.

At any rate, thank you for your quick reply!  Hope all things are well in your part of the world.
Ben, Lincoln, USA

Hi there; I greatly appreciate the selection of Nikolai Kapustin sheet music you have on your site.
Jonathan, UK

I do truly appreciate all your willingness to go beyond the normal range of customer service.
Eric, Tallahassee, USA

Thank you for the information and support. The order arrived today without any problems.
Best Wishes,
Denis, Sao Paolo, Brazil

We've just received the disc of above order.  Thank you for your help & co-operation!
Best regards,
Duen Yan Chung, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Vienne & I so appreciate your having gone far beyond the call of duty!
With great appreciation,
Deborah, USA

CDs arrived on Tuesday, in perfect condition. Fast, efficient service. Thank you.
Peter, Southampton, UK

Very impressed!!!
Barry, New Malden, UK

I just received my order. Very quick delivery!
Thanks again.
Stephen, Los Angeles, USA

Thank you for all that you have done to help us to obtain the version we need. Thank you also for sorting out the financial side of things - it's much appreciated.
With all best wishes,
Stephen, London, UK

Received the two pieces on Friday! That was really very prompt and I thank you very much!
Jacque, Chicago, USA

I am grateful for your kindness and understanding.  I look forward to receiving the new copy and I am familiar with the Sonatina Op 100 so I'm sure I will enjoy that as well!  Thank you very much and please know that I WILL continue to use tutti.co.uk for my future sheet music needs.
Matt, Harrisburg, USA

Tutti have been most pleasant and attendant to correspondence; I thank you for excellence in customer service.  Cheers.
Dave, Allentown, USA

I'm pleased to say that my order arrived safely today and I'm grateful for your prompt supply.  This is for my husband's Xmas present so we won't listen to it until after Xmas.
Many thanks
Joyce, Northampton, UK

Thank you.  The pieces are for my husband for Christmas.  I know he'll love them!
Kathy, Mountain Lakes, USA

Just a quick message to say thanks for such an efficient service. The CD arrived this morning.
Best Wishes,
Andy, London, England

Well, they arrived so quickly and were so well packed and the music is so pleasant I was compelled to write. Both of them signed too - that was a surprise.
Thanks again, and all the best.
Paul, London, UK

Thank you for providing such an efficient service. My Ivor Gurney CD arrived unbelievably quickly.
Many thanks,
Janet, Fraserburgh, Scotland

Thanks for coming back so quickly, that's brilliant!!
Beth, UK

The CD was delivered this morning.  Peter and I are absolutely delighted at your prompt and appropriate dealing with the problem of the "non delivered" CD.  We think many other organisations could learn from your example.  I have added your Company to my favourites and next time I want a CD etc I will look on your site first. Many, many thanks for your attention.

Kind regards,
William, Isle of Wight, UK

Thank you so much for your quick response.
Kent, Meredith, USA

I'll eagerly await news from the publisher and any other recommendations you have for other pieces that may be suitable. Thanks and best wishes for a happy New Year too.
Katie, England, UK

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I can see now that we should really be thankful that there are companies willing to deal with less popular music so that it can be more accessible. Wishing your company success for the future.
Marian, UK

Thanks so much. Very, very clear spacious wonderful comprehensive print ... I will order with you. I hope you have Cambodia in your country list. Some companies don't display it.
Pierre, Cambodia

Thank you so much.  That is pretty fast, actually!
Jennifer, USA

I received the music today.  Thank you for making it available; I will be using it in a presentation for my college piano literature class, and I look forward to enjoying it at the piano as well.
Karen, Coppell, USA

Thanks for your help. My teacher was really happy with the list.
Best wishes,
Julianne, USA

Thank you for your reply and the especially helpful direct Christmas link, from which I have ordered two of the items I wanted.
David, UK

The cd (Songs from 100 Acre Wood) was exactly what I have been looking for the past few years.  Thank you.  I have ordered 2 more as presents for my sisters. You better believe I am telling my friends!
Barb, USA

Thank you for your personal service and correspondence,
David, USA

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