ComposerWaldteufel/William Walton/Chabrier/Franz von Suppé
ArtistConstant Lambert/Philharmonia Orchestra
Instrumentssymphony orchestra
LabelSOMM (SOMM CD023)
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Picture of CD of music by Waldteufel, Suppé, Walton and Chabrier, performed by the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Constant Lambert.

Fifty years after his death, the composer/conductor Constant Lambert remains and appealing and intriguing figure. By the age of 22 he had already written several major scores including his most popular composition, The River Grande and the ballet Romeo and Julietfor Diaghilev. In 1930 Lambert became conductor of a new ballet enterprise, the Camargo Society, and soon after, he was appointed conductor and musical director of the newly-formed Vic-Wells Ballet, at the same time working as a freelance conductor.

From 1937 to 1950,Lambert made regular visits to the recording studios of The Gramophone Company where he met the young Walter Legge with whom he made almost all of his recordings, apart from a handful of ballet records. As a conductor, Lambert had a composer's approach to interpretation, faithful to the printed score, directly expressed and clear-cut, free of any idiosyncracy.

In 1945, Legge founded the Philharmonia Orchestra and Lambert conducted one of its first recordings. Lambert's last recordings, those that date from 1950, form the items on this disc: Walton's Façade, waltzs by Emile Waldteufel (inluding the famous 'Skaters' Waltz', overtures by Franz Suppe and Chabrier's Ballabile, orchestrated by Lambert.

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Tracks on this CD

Emile Waldteufel Estudiantina - Waltz, Op. 191
1.Estudiantina - Waltz, Op. 191
Emile Waldteufel Pomone - Waltz, Op. 155
2.Pomone - Waltz, Op. 155
Emile Waldteufel Les Patinerus - Waltz, Op. 183
3.Les Patinerus - Waltz, Op. 183
Emile Waldteufel Sur la plage - Waltz, Op. 234
4.Sur la plage - Waltz, Op. 234
Franz von Suppé Pique Dame - Overture
5.Pique Dame - Overture
Franz von Suppé Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna - Overture
6.Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna - Overture
William Walton Façade - Ballet Suite
9.Swiss Yodelling Song
11.Tango - Pasodoble
12.Country Dance
13.Popular Song
14.Noche espagnole
15.Old Sir Faulk
16.Scotch Rhapsody
17.Tarantelle Sevillana
Emmanuel Chabrier (orch. Lambert) Ballabile

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