ArtistMalcolm Martineau/London Musici/Philip Blake-Jones/Simon Over/Opera Interludes
LabelTosca Records (961101)

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Picture of CD of operatic excerpts performed by Opera Interludes at Trafalgar Park Artist: Malcolm Martineau, London Musici, Philip Blake-Jones, Simon Over and Opera Interludes
CD of operatic excerpts performed by Opera Interludes at Trafalgar Park.

Over the last decade Opera Interludes has achieved a considerable reputation for presenting opera performances in country houses, livery halls, embassies, hotels and gardens under the Artistic Directorship of Philip Blake-Jones.

Throughout the centuries musical performances have been presented in palaces, country houses and gardens long before the formal concert hall or theatre became part of musical culture.

In the 18th century much of the music of great composers such as Handel and Mozart was written for performances in the homes of their patrons but it was in the late 19th century that the 'soirée' as we know it today developed.

Hosts would entertain their guests before or after dinner with a musical presentation of the highest standard. Now, when many of the world's greatest houses are increasingly available for corporate entertainment and charity events, it is only natural that music should have become a part of such occasions.

Opera as near perfection as you could get it.
Sunday Express

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Tracks on this CD

Delibes The Flower Duet
1.The Flower Duet
Bizet The Pearlfisher's Duet
2.The Pearlfisher's Duet
Saint-Saens Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix
3.Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix
Puccini Bimba dagli occhi pieni di malia
4.Bimba dagli occhi pieni di malia
Mozart Voi che sapete
5.Voi che sapete
Mozart Il mio tesoro
6.Il mio tesoro
Mozart Pa-Pa-Pegeno
Monteverdi Pur ti miro
8.Pur ti miro
Verdi Pace, pace, mio Dio
9.Pace, pace, mio Dio
Puccini O Mimi, tu piu non torni
10.O Mimi, tu piu non torni
Verdi Bella figlia dell'amore
11.Bella figlia dell'amore
Tchaikovsky Already, shades of night the distant fields enfold
12.Already, shades of night the distant fields enfold
Bizet Toreador's Song
13.Toreador's Song
Strauss II Im Feuerstrom der Reben
14.Im Feuerstrom der Reben

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