ComposerFernando Sor
ArtistEros Roselli
LabelSOMM (SOMM CD021)
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Picture of CD of studies for guitar by Fernando Sor, performed by Eros Roselli
These studies for guitar have been edited by Andres Segovia and are here performed by the young prize-winning guitar Eros Roselli.

Segovia's editing highlights the effectiveness of the music and brings to the fore the abilities of the modern concert guitar. The collection of studies was Segovia's personal choice and represent those which he felt would make the greatest impact on a recital audience.

Eros Roselli has made a name for himself across Europe through both his many solo recitals and also his work with chamber ensembles. His recital engagements in 2002 include a tour of the British Isles.

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Tracks on this CD

Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.8
1.Study op.6 no.8
Fernando Sor Study op.35 no.13
2.Study op.35 no.13
Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.2
3.Study op.6 no.2
Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.1
4.Study op.6 no.1
Fernando Sor Study op.35 no.22
5.Study op.35 no.22
Fernando Sor Study op.35 no.17
6.Study op.35 no.17
Fernando Sor Study op.31 no.21
7.Study op.31 no.21
Fernando Sor Study op.31 no.16
8.Study op.31 no.16
Fernando Sor Study op.31 no.20
9.Study op.31 no.20
Fernando Sor Study op.31 no.19
10.Study op.31 no.19
Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.3
11.Study op.6 no.3
Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.6
12.Study op.6 no.6
Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.9
13.Study op.6 no.9
Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.12
14.Study op.6 no.12
Fernando Sor Study op.35 no.16
15.Study op.35 no.16
Fernando Sor Study op.29 no.23
16.Study op.29 no.23
Fernando Sor Study op.6 no.11
17.Study op.6 no.11
Fernando Sor Study op.29 no.22
18.Study op.29 no.22
Fernando Sor Study op.29 no.13
19.Study op.29 no.13
Fernando Sor Study op.29 no.17
20.Study op.29 no.17
Fernando Sor Study op.29 no.14
21.Study op.29 no.14
Fernando Sor Study op.35 no.9
22.Study op.35 no.9
Fernando Sor Study op.31 no.4
23.Study op.31 no.4
Fernando Sor Study op.35 no.24
24.Study op.35 no.24
Fernando Sor Study op.35 no.5
25.Study op.35 no.5

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