ComposerFrank Bridge
ArtistPenelope Lynex/Alexander Wells
LabelSOMM (SOMM CD229)

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Picture of CD of music by Frank Bridge for cello and piano performed by Penelope Lynex and Alexander Wells
Penelope Lynex cello and Alexander Wells piano. Frank Bridge, well-known as the composition teacher of the teenage Benjamin Britten, has written music which is full of easy lyrical invention and fluent detail, characteristics of the well-turned miniatures on this disc. There is proper respect for Brahms, though with a strong Gallic influence in instrumental textures. Recorded complete for the first time ever by two talented and well established artists, Penelope Lynex and Alexander Wells. Morning Song(1918), Elégie (1904), Berceuse (1901), Scherzo (1920), Serenade SONATA FOR CELLO and PIANO (1913-17) THREE PIECES (1912) (Piano Solo) Mazurka (1903), Meditation (1912),Mélodie (1911), Spring Song (1912), Cradle Song (1910)

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Tracks on this CD

Frank Bridge Morning Song (1918)
1.Morning Song (1918)
Frank Bridge Elégie (1904)
2.Elégie (1904)
Frank Bridge Berceuse (1901)
3.Berceuse (1901)
Frank Bridge Scherzo (1920)
4.Scherzo (1920)
Frank Bridge Serenade (1903)
5.Serenade (1903)
Frank Bridge Sonata for Cello and Piano (1913-17)
6.Allegro ben moderato
7.Adagio ma non troppo
Frank Bridge Three Pieces (1912) (Piano Solo)
8.I Columbine
9.II Minuet (1901, rev. 1912)
10.III Romance
Frank Bridge Mazurka (1903)
11.Mazurka (1903)
Frank Bridge Meditation (1912)
12.Meditation (1912)
Frank Bridge Mélodie (1911)
13.Mélodie (1911)
Frank Bridge Spring Song (1912)
14.Spring Song (1912)
Frank Bridge Cradle Song (1910)
15.Cradle Song (1910)

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