ComposerGeorge Crumb
ArtistPhilip Mead
LabelMetier (MSV CD92067(a+b))
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Picture of CD of the complete Piano Music of George Crumb, performed by Philip Mead
A double CD, the first devoted to the two books of Makrokosmos, composed in the early 1970s, begins Philip Mead's exploration of George Crumb's solo piano music. The second draws mostly from his later works.

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Tracks on this CD

George Crumb Makrokosmos, volume 1
1.Primeval Sounds
5.The Phantom Gondolier
6.Night Spell 1
7.Music of Shadows
8.The Magic Circle of Infinity
9.The Abyss of Time
10.Spring Fire
11.Dream Images
12.Spiral Galaxy
George Crumb Makrokosmos, volume 2
13.Morning Music
14.The Mystic Chord
15.Rain-Death Variations
16.Twin Suns
17.Ghost Nocturne: for the Druids of Stonehenge
19.Tora! Tora! Tora!
20.A Prophecy of Nostradamus
21.Cosmic Wind
22.Voices from 'Corona Borealis'
23.Litany of Galactic Bells
24.Agnue Dei
George Crumb Five Pieces for Piano
25.quasi improvvisando
26.ruvido, molto energico - Prestissimo
27.notturno-sempre pizzicato
28.ruvido, molto energico - Prestissimo
29.senza misura, liberamente
George Crumb Gnomic Variations
30.Tema - lentamente, deciso
31.Variation 1
32.Variation 2
33.Variation 3
34.Variation 4
35.Variation 5
36.Variation 6
37.Variation 7
38.Variation 8
39.Variation 9
40.Variation 10
41.Variation 11
42.Variation 12
43.Variation 13
44.Variation 14
45.Variation 15
46.Variation 16
47.Variation 17
48.Variation 18 (tema)
George Crumb Processional
49.sempre pulsand, estaticamente
George Crumb A Little Suite for Christmas
50.The Visitation
51.Berceuse for the Infant Jesus
52.The Shepherd's Noel
53.Adoration of the Magi
54.Nativity Dance
55.Canticle of the Holy Night
56.Carol of the Bells

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