ComposerLionel Monckton
ArtistTheatre Bel-Etage
Instrumentsmusic theatre
LabelDivine Art (DIV 24110)
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Picture of CD of selections from Edwardian musical comedies by Lionel Monckton Artist: Theatre Bel-Etage
Selections from:
The Cingalee (first modern recording)
The Arcadians
The Quaker Girl

THEATRE BEL-ETAGE conducted by Mart Sander

Lionel Monckton was a leading composer of stage musical or operetta in the early 20th century. His "Arcadians" has retained a great deal of popularity as have some songs from other shows. His music is infectious, tuneful and memorable, as demonstrated by these three condensed shows.

Theatre Bel-Etage is a leading company in Estonia, who have dedicated themselves to the English stage musical and "Variety" style of Victorian and Edwardian days. Even though not English themselves they have created a fine reputation, even performing Sullivan's "Cox and Box" in London to great acclaim.

Soloists: Pirjo Levandi, Jeanne Sevchenco, Mart Sander, Mariliina von Uexkull, Julie Lill, Oliver Kuusik and Annika Tönuri, with the Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by Mart Sander

CD playing time: 69:06

Chosen by TWO of Gramophone magazine's critics in "Critic's Choice 2004" where each reviewer chooses their two favourite CDs of the year.

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Geoffrey asks: Is this sung in English
Sarah Rodgers answered:Yes, it is.

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Tracks on this CD

Lionel Monckton Cingalee
1.New Year
3.Pearl of Sweet Ceylon
4.My Cinnamon Tree
5.In the Island of Gay Ceylon
7.White and Brown Girl
8.True Love
9.When this Girl was a Wee Girl
11.Sloe Eyes
12.You and I
13.The Dance I'll Lead Him
14.Bear Away the Bride
Lionel Monckton The Arcadians
15.Plant Your Posies
16.My Motter
17.Fickle Fortune
18.Pipes of Pan
19.Sweet Simplicitas
20.Arcady is Ever Young
21.I Love London
22.Joy of Life
23.Come to Arcady
24.Back Your Fancy
25.Half Past Two
27.Girl With a Brogue
28.Charming Weather & Truth is so Beautiful
29.To All and Each & Arcady is Ever Young
Lionel Monckton The Quaker Girl
30.In this abode of Madame la Mode
31.A Quaker Girl
32.A Dancing Lesson
33.While Our Worthy Village Neighbours & Barbizon
34.Tip Toe
35.Tony From America & O, Time, Time!
36.Mr Jeremiah, Esquire!
37.Couleur de Rose
38.Little Gray Bonnet
39.Come to the Ball

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