ComposerDerek Bell/Beinsa Douno
ArtistDerek Bell/Vratza Philharmonic Orchestra/Barnaby Brown
Instrumentsflute, piano, harp and symphony orchestra
LabelAthene (ATHCD14)
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Picture of CD of compositions by Derek Bell and devotional songs by Beinsa Duono played by Derek Bell, with Tzvatanka Chistoforu (mezzo soprano), Vratza State Philharmonic Orchestra, and Bulgarian National Philharmonic Choir.
CD of compositions by Derek Bell and devotional songs by Beinsa Duono played by Derek Bell, Tzvatanka Chistoforu (mezzo soprano), Derek Bell, Maria Tutoriliva (harps), Vratza State Philharmonic Orchestra, Bulgarian National Philharmonic Choir, cond Valeri Vatchev, Petco Totev (oboe), Barnaby Brown (flute), Oghnyan Nicolor (tenor)

This Disc was inspired by connections with Bulgaria which Derek Bell had, and by the work of the 'Grain Of Wheat' charity. The only dates available in Bulgaria were in January and conditions were appalling. The sessions took place in an unheated hotel in temperatures (outside) of -15 C. New instruments were unavailable - even broken harp strings could not be replaced and had to be repaired by knotting them together. Despite the difficulties and the resources available to a small provincial orchestra, the cause gave all perfomers great enthusiasm. The Bell compositions were written between 1958 and 1990, and reveal a very skilful but little known side to Bell , world renowned as a member of Irish traditional band The Chieftains.

The works of Beinsa Duono (1864-1944) recorded here are devotional songs written in Bulgarian and the sacred Vatan language. Relentlessly persecuted during the communist era, he kept alive his art and during the last two decade there has been a resurgence of interest in his universally applicable spiritual legacy. His music combines elements of Western, Bulgarian and ancient Orthodox traditions. Theses pieces were recorded at EMI’s Abbey Road studio.

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Tracks on this CD

Derek Bell Variations & Musical Quotations
1."Come on Northern Ireland, come on"
Derek Bell Divertissement Variations on a Tune
2.Divertissement Variations on a Tune
Derek Bell Toccata Burlesca (1958) for oboe and piano
3.Toccata Burlesca (1958) for oboe and piano
Derek Bell Symphony No 2
4.Invocation of the Violet Flame and the Golden Ray
5.Invocation of Pan, God of Nature (Arabesques Etheriques)
6.Poeme d'amour
7.Waltz and Variations
8.Finale: Procession towards Shambhalla
Beinsa Douno Izgryava slunteseto
9.Izgryava slunteseto
Beinsa Douno Vehadi
Beinsa Douno Kiamen Zenu
11.Kiamen Zenu
Beinsa Douno Gospodi, kolko Te obicham
12.Gospodi, kolko Te obicham

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