ArtistAlma Petchersky
LabelLorelt (LNT106)

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Picture of CD of music for solo piano, performed by Alma Petchersky
LNT 106 The Piano Music of Alberto Ginastera Ginastera Milonga Danzas Argentinas Doce Preludios Americanos Suite de Danzas Criollas Rondo sobre temas infantiles argentinos Sonatas Nos.1-3 Alma Petchersky (piano) "Alma Petchersky ... performs these works with great feeling and a beautiful, light touch ... Her sense of rhythm is unfailingly precise, and her shaping of long, legato phrases is particularly lovely in the slower movements." BBC Music Magazine December 1994 "Alma Petchersky presents these pieces compellingly and straightforwardly, with her rhythmic integrity in the various dance and motor elements allowing this music to really bite, snap and bounce." American Record Guide July/August 1995

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Tracks on this CD

Alberto Ginastera Milonga Op.3
1.Milonga Op.3
Alberto Ginastera Danzas Argentinas Op.2
2.Danza del viejo boyero - Dance of the old cowherd
3.Danza de la moza donosa - Dance of the graceful maiden
4.Danza del gaucho matrero - Dance of the artful herdsman
Alberto Ginastera Doce Preludios Americanos Op.12
5.Para los accentos - For the Accents
6.Triste - Sadness
7.Danza criolla - Creole Dance
9.En el 1er modo pentafono menor - In the First Pentatonic Minor Mode
10.Homenaje a Roberto Garcia Morillo - Homage to Roberto Garcia Morillo
11.Para las octavas - For the Octaves
12.Homenaje a Juan Jose Castro - Homage to Juan Jose Castro
13.Homenaje a Aaron Copland - Homage to Aaron Copland
15.Homenaje a Heitor Villa-Lobos - Homage to Heitor Villa - Lobos
16.En el 1er modo pentafono major - In the First Pentatonic Major Mode
Alberto Ginastera Suite de Danzas Criollas Op.15
17.Adagietto pianissimo
18.Allegro rustico
19.Allegretto cantabile
20.Calmo e poetico
21.Scherzando - Coda: Presto ed energico
Alberto Ginastera Rondo sobre temas infantiles argentinos Op.19
22.Rondo sobre temas infantiles argentinos Op.10 - Rondo on Argentinian Children's Folk Tunes
Alberto Ginastera Sonata No.1 Op.22
23.Allegro marcato
24.Presto misterioso
25.Adagio molto appassionato
26.Ruvido ed ostinato
Alberto Ginastera Sonata No.2 Op.53
28.Adagio Sereno - Scorrevole - Ripressa dell 'Adagio
29.Ostinato Aymara
Alberto Ginastera Sonata No.3 Op.55

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