ArtistCharles Owen
LabelSOMM (SOMM CD035)
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Picture of CD of piano music by Francois Poulenc performed by Charles Owen
Piano Music by Francis Poulenc

It is widely accepted that after Debussy and Ravel, Poulenc's is the most significant body of French solo piano music of the 20th century. He combined the dadaesque qualities of Erik Satie with the deeper more serious expression of his composition teacher, Charles Koechlin, alongside his own formidable mastery as a pianist.

Performer, Charles Owen writes,"The numerous piano works that appear throughout Poulenc's life form a kind of musical diary or series of snapshots in which he was not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve or display a penchant for ironic dinner music-making when select and much valued friends would gather around the piano to enjoy their host's skill as an improviser and mimic. Therefore, the majority of these vignettes are by turns effervescent, charming or tender, whilst skilfully avoiding the need to appear profound."

Les Soirees de Nazelles
Suite Napoli
Trois Nouvelettes
15 Improvisations

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Tracks on this CD

Francis Poulenc Les Soirées de Nazelles
3.Le comble de la distinction
4.Le coeur sur la main
5.La désinvolture et la descrétion
6.La suite dans les idées
7.Le charme enjôleur
8.Le contentement de soi
9.Le goût du malheur
10.L'alerte vieillesse
Francis Poulenc Suite Napoli
15.Caprice Italien
Francis Poulenc Mélancolie
Francis Poulenc Three Novelettes
17.No. 1 in C major
18.No. 2 in B flat minor
19.No. 3 in E minor
Francis Poulenc Fifteen Improvisations
20.No. 1 in B minor
21.No. 2 in A flat major
22.No. 3 in B minor
23.No. 4 in A flat major
24.No. 5 in A minor
25.No. 6 in B flat major
26.No. 7 in C major
27.No. 8 in A minor
28.No. 9 in D major
29.No. 10 in F major (Éloge des gammes)
30.No. 11 in G minor
31.No. 12 in E flat major (Hommage à Schubert)
32.No. 13 in A minor
33.No. 14 in D flat major
34.No. 15 in C minor ( Hommage à Edith Piaf)

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