ComposerSamuel Wesley
ArtistJennifer Bate
LabelSOMM (SOMM CD036)
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Picture of CD of music for organ by Samuel Wesley performed by Jennifer Bate on the historic organ of St. James's, Bermondsey
This well-filled CD comprises some of Wesley's most important and enjoyable organ works. Jennifer Bate chose especially the famous historic organ of St James's Bermondsey as the ideal instrument for her recording of his organ music. It was built in 1829 by James Bishop and at the time had the most complete Pedal organ in the country.

Samuel Wesley is considered to be one of the most important and individual voices in British music. His output was prodigious encompassing great vocal works, symphonies, concertos and many solo instrumental pieces.His expertise as an instrumentalist and singer was counterbalanced by erudition in classical studies.

Many musicinas dedicated work to Samuel Wesley and he in turn wrote for his musical friends and fellow composers William Drummer, William Linley, Thomas Adams, William Harding and others. His organ works mark a high point in English organ music and an evolution away from the baroque to the romantic. From 1770, composers transformed the English voluntary but no-one approached Wesley's poritively orchestral panache.

Arrangement with Variation of 'Rule Britannia'

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Tracks on this CD

Samuel Wesley Eight Variations in B flat on 'God Save the King'
2.Variation 1
3.Variation 2
4.Variation 3
5.Variation 4
6.Variation 5
7.Variation 6
8.Variation 7
9.Variation 8
Samuel Wesley Voluntary in D
11.Fuga (Allegro Moderato)
12.March (Andante Maestoso)
Samuel Wesley A Short and Familiar Voluntary
Samuel Wesley Preludium, Arietta and Fuga in C Minor
16.Allegretto ma non troppo
Samuel Wesley Preludium and Fuga in G
18.Allegro Brilliante
19.Moderato con Spirito
Samuel Wesley Arrangement, with Variation, of 'Rule Britannia'
Samuel Wesley Voluntary in G Minor
Samuel Wesley Voluntary VI in B flat
25.Moderately Slow
Samuel Wesley Voluntary in G
27.Moderately Slow
29.With Spirit
Samuel Wesley Three Variations in D on 'God Save the King'
31.Variation 1
32.Variation 2
33.Variation 3

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