ComposerDmitri Shostakovitch
ArtistRaymond Clarke
LabelAthene (ATHCD18)
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Picture of CD of piano music by Shostakovich played by Raymond Clarke
Raymond Clarke plays 24 Preludes, op.34, Sonata no. 1, op.12, Sonata no. 2 in B minor, op.61, and Prelude and Fugue in D minor, op.87, no.24, by Shostakovich.

“Clarke leaves no doubt that he possesses the dual requirements of a formidable technique and an attendant stamina … Clarke’s interpretation is completely successful. Tempo and its modifications are well-chosen throughout. Some of the accelerando passages are quite hair-raising in their intensity… Clarke himself has a profound interest in Shostakovich and a highly developed understanding of his music. This CD is a worthy item for Shostakovich collectors and piano enthusiasts alike.” - Rosemary Cordy (DSCH Journal)

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Tracks on this CD

Shostakovich Twenty-four Preludes, Op.34
1.C major: Moderato
2.A minor: Allegretto
3.G major: Andante
4.E minor: Moderato
5.D major: Allegro vivace
6.B minor: Allegretto
7.A major: Andante
8.F sharp minor: Allegretto
9.E major: Presto
10.C sharp minor: Moderato non troppo
11.B major: Allegretto
12.G sharp minor: Allegro non troppo
13.F sharp minor: Moderato
14.E flat minor: Adagio
15.D flat major: Allegretto
16.B flat minor: Andantino
17.A flat major: Largo
18.F minor: Allegretto
19.E flat major: Andantino
20.C minor: Allegretto furioso
21.B flat major: Allegretto poco moderato
22.G minor: Adagio
23.F major: Moderato
24.D minor: Allegretto
Shostakovich Piano Sonata No.1, Op.12
25.Piano Sonata No.1, Op.12
Shostakovich Piano Sonata No.2 in B minor, Op.61
28.Moderato (con moto)-Allegretto con moto-Adagio-Moderato
Shostakovich Prelude and Fugue in D minor, Op.87 No.24
29.Prelude: Andante
30.Fugue: Moderato-Piu mosso-Maestoso

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