ComposerPercy Turnbull
ArtistRoderick Williams/James Bowman/Joyful Company of Singers/Nancy Argenta
Instrumentsvoices, soprano, baritone and chamber choir
LabelSOMM (SOMM CD020)
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Picture of CD of music for a cappella voices and for soprano and baritone with piano, by English composer, Percy Turnbull Artist: Roderick Williams, James Bowman, Joyful Company of Singers and Nancy Argenta
This is the second of SOMM's CDs of the music of Percy Turnbull. The first, released in 2000 consisted of the composer's piano music, performed by Peter Jacobs.

Turnbull was born in Newcastle in 1902 and trained as a chorister while at the same time taking piano lessons from Sigmund Oppenheimer. He won a Foundation Scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London where he studied composition with Holst, Vaughan Williams and John Ireland. Among his student contemporaries were composers Tippett, Armstrong, Maconchy and Rubbra.

Turnbull was drawn to the music of Faure and Ravel and his music has a fragility and lightness of touch reminiscent of the French School of that time. Most of the songs and part-songs were written during his 20s. Written with simplicity and clear straightforward diatonicism, there is much scope in the music for humour and satire.

Soprano, Nancy Argenta has contributed to over 40 recordings of works by composers as diverse as Mahler, Schubert and Schoenberg. Roderick Williams, baritone, is widely recognised for his performances in opera houses across the UK and Europe. He is also a major recording artist and composer whose works have been premiered in London and heard on national radio. Robin Bowman, piano, is also Head of Vocal Studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The Joyful Company of Singers, under their directcor, Peter Broadbent, has long been established as one of Europe's leading chamber choirs.

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Tracks on this CD

Percy Turnbull Chloris in the snow
1.Chloris in the snow
Percy Turnbull In Fountain Court
2.In Fountain Court
Percy Turnbull A Boy's Song
3.A Boy's Song
Percy Turnbull My Bed is a Boat
4.My Bed is a Boat
Percy Turnbull To Julia
5.To Julia
Percy Turnbull When Daffodils begin to peer
6.When Daffodils begin to peer
Percy Turnbull Ejaculation to God
7.Ejaculation to God
Percy Turnbull To God
8.To God
Percy Turnbull Piping down the Valleys Wild
9.Piping down the Valleys Wild
Percy Turnbull Cavalier
Percy Turnbull If Doughty Deeds
11.If Doughty Deeds
Percy Turnbull The Rainy Day
12.The Rainy Day
Percy Turnbull The Moon (1)
13.The Moon (1)
Percy Turnbull The Moon (2)
14.The Moon (2)
Percy Turnbull The Reminder (1)
15.The Reminder (1)
Percy Turnbull The Reminder (2)
16.The Reminder (2)
Percy Turnbull Guess, Guess
17.Guess, Guess
Percy Turnbull My Mopsa is Little
18.My Mopsa is Little
Percy Turnbull To Blossoms
19.To Blossoms
Percy Turnbull The Shower
20.The Shower
Percy Turnbull Cargoes
Percy Turnbull Where go the boats?
22.Where go the boats?
Percy Turnbull Take me to the North Countrie
23.Take me to the North Countrie
Percy Turnbull You Spotted snakes
24.You Spotted snakes
Percy Turnbull There was a simple maiden
25.There was a simple maiden
Percy Turnbull To Blossoms
26.To Blossoms

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