ComposerRosemary Duxbury
ArtistEmmanuel Siffert/Sinfonica Aosta/Patricia Siffert
LabelCharasound (CS2RD01)
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Picture of Classical music 'to touch the heart and inspire the soul', featuring music for piano solo, string orchestra and harp.
Performed by Swiss pianist Patricia Siffert
, and Italian Orchestra Sinfonica Aosta (Conductor: Emmanuel Siffert)

Talking about her CD 'Streams', Rosemary says,"As a composer my initial source of inspiration is from within, a place where I feel the life-force, which can be experienced as streams of light and sound, can be accessed. Hence the CD title 'Streams'. If the music inspires or uplifts the listener, and can enable them to discover that place or source within themselves, then I am delighted and feel the music has been successful. One of the loveliest things that I hear quite regularly from people who have heard my music is that they went on a journey through the music. People experience being 'transported' out of the concert hall, often getting visual experiences. I am interested in dreams, in soul and its nature, and it may be that the music helps people to access that different state where they are able to experience freedom and gain insights away from physical constraints."

The title of 'Passage' (one of the piano solos), is a play on words, exploring the ideas of transformation, journey, the passage of time or a tunnel or channel as well as simply a piece of music. Similarly, 'Streams' (4 movements), stems from the inspiration of currents of water, from a small source to a powerful waterfall, a steady flow of energy and streams of light and consciousness. Rosemary describes this "as a journey, 'within the Eternal', reflected by melody, set against mantras of one note or group of notes, or the hum of the harmonic."

The CD also includes two other piano solos, 'Always' and 'Apres', and 'Light Falling' for string orchestra and harp played by the Italian orchestra Sinfonica Aosta.

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