ArtistJohn Baily/Abdul Wahab Madadi/Veronica Doubleday
Instrumentsworld instrument
LabelMetier (MW360-01)
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Picture of CD of folk music from Afghanistan Artist: John Baily, Abdul Wahab Madadi and Veronica Doubleday
Abdul Wahab Madadi is one of Herat's best-loved and most renowned singers of traditional Afghan folk music. Recorded live in a rare UK appearance at the Semley Music Festival in August 2004 , Abdul Wahab Madadi joins forces with Veronica Doubleday and John Baily to perform a collection of beautiful and vivid songs and dances, capturing the essence of love and vitality central to ancient and modern Afghan culture. Madadi's importance as a singer was signified when, on the fall of the Taliban in 2001, it was his patriotic song Watan ("Homeland") that was the first piece of music to be broadcast on Radio Afghanistan after five years of music being banned.

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Tracks on this CD

Traditional Nasar Jam (Dear Nasar) and Aushari
1.Nasar Jam (Dear Nasar) and Aushari
Traditional Naghmeh bajekhaneh
2.Naghmeh bajekhaneh
Traditional Sefi kheimeh (White tents)
3.Sefi kheimeh (White tents)
Traditional Bada bada (Let it be)
4.Bada bada (Let it be)
Traditional Shishkebab
Traditional Shah Koko Jan (Dear Shah Koko) and Uzbeki
6.Shah Koko Jan (Dear Shah Koko) and Uzbeki
Traditional Gol-e bikhar (Rose without thorns)
7.Gol-e bikhar (Rose without thorns)
Traditional Siahmu wa Jalali (Siahmu and Jalili)
8.Siahmu wa Jalali (Siahmu and Jalili)
Traditional Gol-e zard
10.Gol-e zard
Traditional Shirin dokhtar-e maldar (Sweet nomad girl)
11.Shirin dokhtar-e maldar (Sweet nomad girl)
Traditional Jam-e narenji (Tangerine dress)
12.Jam-e narenji (Tangerine dress)
Traditional Wa wa Leili (Leili, how wonderful!)
13.Wa wa Leili (Leili, how wonderful!)

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