ComposerRonan Magill
ArtistRonan Magill
LabelAthene (ATHCD13)
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Picture of CD of, TITANIC 10th - 15th April 1912, composed and performed by Ronan Magill - An atmospheric Poem in Five Pictures for Solo Piano.
TITANIC 10th - 15th April 1912 is an atmospheric Poem in Five Pictures for Solo Piano, composed and performed by Ronan Magill.

Long before the epic motion picture was conceived, Ronan Magill compiled this music-poem in memory of the loss of the Titanic her passengers and crew.

The work incorporates two songs by composer Archibald Joyce, which were on the Titanic’s music lists, and one of which (Songe d’Automne) is believed to be the piece played by the ship’s band on the sloping deck, just before the final plunge into oblivion.

“The playing is impressive, the recording even more so… “ - BBC Music Magazine

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Tracks on this CD

Ronan Magill Titanic: 10-15th April 1912
1.Lamentation for the Sea Dead
2.The Departure
3.The Voyage
4.Ship's Vibration - Walking about on deck
5.The Wireless Room
6.The Engine Room
7.Back on deck
8.Talking on deck
9.The First Class Reception
11.Applause and vibration
12.Two Young Girls in Third Class
13.The Cold Starry Night
14.The Iceberg
15.The Return to Sea
16."The Lass of Aughrim"
19.Songe d'Automne
20.The Titanic Waltz

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