ComposerDavid Bedford/Cornelius Cardew
ArtistChor des Norddeutschen Rundfunks/Scratch Orchestra/Helmut Franz
Labelecho 21 (471 572-2)
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Picture of CD of choral music by David Bedford and Cornelius Cardew
 Artist: Chor des Norddeutschen Rundfunks, Scratch Orchestra and Helmut Franz

This CD contains two movements from The Great Learning by Cornelius Cardew and Two Poems for Chorus on Words of Kenneth Patchen by David Bedford.

"The book The Great Learning is one of the four classic books of the Confucian religion. The first chapter is said to have been written by Confucius himself in the 6th century before Christ, and it lays down a basic ethical and political code. This first chapter is divided into seven paragraphs and I have taken each one of these seven paragraphs as the basis of a sizable composition for an unlimited number of performers." - Cornelius Cardew, 1971

"David Bedford conveys almost impressionistic sound visions in his setings of two poems by Kenneth Patchen. One of these songs, strongly coloured by nature poetry, is concerned with the reawakening of the rain-dampened contryside in early morning, when birds call restlessly in sleep and clouds glide across the moon "like milky wounds". The other reflects the joy of renewing acquaintance with the open sea, from which boats return after a journey by night, while swans, great birds, spread their "honey-coloured wings" for flight, and a strand of the loved one's hair strokes the sleeper's cheek..." - Heinz Joachim (Translation: DGG, Hamburg)

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