ComposerAntonin Tucapsky
ArtistViteszlav Kuznik/Janacek Philharmonic/Elli Jaffe/Prague Symphony
Instrumentsviolin, viola and symphony orchestra
LabelSOMM (SOMM CD221)
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Picture of Antonin Tucapsky concertos for violin and for viola: soloists Viteslav Kuznik with the Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra and Pavel Perina with the Prague Symphony Orchestra.
Viteszlav Kuznik (violin) with the Janacek Philharmonic orchestra conducted by Petr Vronsky
Pavel Perina (viola) with the Prague Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Elli Jaffe

The Violin Concerto was completed in London on 25th August 1993 and written for the composer's own pleasure and satisfaction as well as a tribute to Moravia and its music.

The Viola Concerto was written at the request of Martin Outram, principal viola of the New London Orchestra and viola of the Maggini Quartet. Although not completed in London until 1996, at the time of composition, the second movement bears traces of the composer's sense of sorrow and nostalgia following the split of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993.

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Tracks on this CD

Antonin Tucapsky Violin Concerto
1.Andante, lentamente, animato
2.Adagio serio
3.Allegro mobile
Antonin Tucapsky Viola Concerto
4.1st movement
5.2nd movement - Nocturne
6.3rd movement

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