ComposerIris Litchfield and Tom Salvatori
ArtistIris Litchfield and Tom Salvatori
LabelSalvatori Productions (3447940950)
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Picture of A contemporary instrumental album of soothing and melodic music showcasing the all original and timeless piano and guitar compositions of Iris Litchfield and Tom Salvatori arranged by John Catchings.

1. Autumn Colours ( Litchfield)

2. Sleepy Eyes Lullaby (Salvatori)

3. Breath of Spring (LItchfield)

4. Guitar Lament (Salvatori)

5. Nature's Serenade (Litchfield)

6. Reflecting Absence (Salvatori)

7. Song of Hope (Litchfield)

8. Majestic Interlude (Salvatori)

9. Gentle Breeze (Litchfield)

10. Church Song (Salvatori)

11. Carousel (Litchfield)

12. Labyrinth 2 (Salvatori)

13. Come Stay Awhile (LItchfield)

14. Quiet Reflections (Salvatori)



"The two composers (Salvatori and Litchfield) were obviously simpatico when it came to the aim of When Evening Falls, the title of which aptly portrays the mood evoked by the music. Peaceful, somber, warm, nostalgic and reflective, the CD is emblematic of what I refer to as "autumn afternoon music," meaning it's suited for grey skies, falling leaves, and a crisp bite to the air. Whether one bathes in this music while seated before a fire, or perhaps driving through rolling hillsides and small rural towns dressed in gold and red for the season, When Evening Falls weaves a comforting web of warm yet often sad or reflective music. From every perspective, When Evening Falls is a splendid recording and a must have for lovers of gentle "nighttime" acoustic instrumental music." Highly recommended. Rating: Excellent - Bill Binkelman, Binkelman's Corner, NAR, 2007

"When Evening a wonderful, dusky dream-filled album with fourteen tracks of pastoral and contemporary tunes that will inspire, relax and alleviate stress. Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield, both classical trained composers, have united on this contemporary album in the spirit of harmony in a figurative and literal sense. Additionally, the music is far more mellifluous for the talents of cellist John Catchings who joins them on several cuts. For a soothing interlude of warm, peaceful music, you cannot do much better than Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield. - RJ Lannan, The Sounding Board, NAR, 2007 "Iris' music is honest and heartfelt, with a slight touch of innocence - truly a fresh voice on the music scene…I give "When Evening Falls" my highest recommendation!"

- Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications, 10/07

Questions from customers about When Evening Falls

Bobbi asks: Is the sheet music available for Song of Hope from When Evening Falls CD, or the complete CD?
Sarah Rodgers answered:Yes, it is No.4 in the collection called Breath of Spring which you can go straight to by following this link.

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