ComposerColleen Muriel
DifficultyVery difficult
Formatfull score and parts(download)
PublisherEl Flauto Records
Instrumentsflute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet and piano
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Picture of Sheet music  by Colleen Muriel. A chamber piece for flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet and 1 or 2 pianos including piano strings describing a day in the life of a Squirrel.

A fun but very hard to play piece for a small group of chamber instruments. The Scoring is -

(1 Flute, 1 Flute Head Joint (F.H.J.), 1 Oboe, 1 Oboe Reed (Ob Reed), 1 Bb Clarinet, 1 Bb Trumpet, 1 Trumpet Mouth Piece, 1 or 2 Pianos)

The Order of Movements which describes the music is -

  1. Squirrel Wakes Up From A Dream
  2. Squirrel Runs Around Collecting Nuts
  3. Squirrel Leaps From Tree To Tree
  4. Squirrel Chases Other Squirrels
  5. Trumpet Playing Squirrel Frightens the Woodwind Section
  6. Squirrel Meets The Neighbour's Cat
  7. Squirrel Calls Other Squirrels to a Committee Meeting About The Neighbour's Cat
  8. Squirrel Discusses The Meaning of Life With Other Squirrels
  9. After a Busy Day Squirrel Falls Asleep and Dreams

Performing Notes

One or Two Pianos

When using only one piano it is advisable to have two players; one for the strings and one for the keyboard. In movements which utilize both pianos (if using only 1 piano) please use the pedal markings for piano 2.

Playing the Piano Strings

The piano glissandos on it's strings with fingers creating an ethereal quality.

Occassionally strings can be plucked and occassionally the glissandos can stop or pause.

A string can be blocked with one hand, while the other hand plays the same note on the piano keyboard, creating a Chinese bloc sound (a stopped sound)

The pianist can use any or all of the large open areas of strings in different sections of the piano. Even though the notated arrows in the score seem to indicate playing directly up or down the piano strings - this simply depicts the range to utilize. Please spend time in the middle range of the strings as well as playing frequently in a circular motion on the strings. Discretion of pianist.

There perhaps should be some fluctuations in the dynamics of the piano strings gissando to fit in with other simultaneous music. Generally speaking however the piano glissando shoud stay predominantly around an 'mp' dynamic.


Flute, Oboe, Bb Trumpet Players

To facilitate some of the music

Oboe players may need an extra reed

Flute players may need an extra head joint

Trumpet players may need an additional mouth piece


Where there are no bar lines accidentals only apply to the note they directly precede.


Tremoli are not necessarily meant to be clear. If they sound distorted that's GREAT. Remember this piece of music is about a Squirrel.

Footnotes in Parts

The footnotes in the instrumental parts match the footnotes in the full score. To be exact - the movement each footnote is from is put first followed by the number of the footnote within that specific movement.

For example 1:5 would mean the fifth footnote from the first movement. This is done consistenty throughout.

Movements as Individual Pieces

This composer thinks it would also be great fun to play individual movements as individual pieces.

She also believes it would be OK to perform 2 or 3 movements (musician's choice) rather than the whole of Squirrel Song (when needed).

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Picture of Sheet music  by Colleen Muriel. Squirrel and Cat (subtitled Squirrel Has a Committee Meeting About The Neighbour's Cat) is commissioned by David Ian Foster and written for an unusual combination of instruments (flute headjoint, oboe reed and Bb clarinet). its very short (under a minute in length) and great fun to play.

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