ComposerSarah Rodgers
FormatText + Score(download)
PublisherImpulse Edition
EditorGeraldine Allen
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Picture of Sheet music  by Sarah Rodgers. Clarinet Realities is an holistic approach for players across a wide range of ages and abilities. Creative Studies are integral to the course and include detailed playing notes each step of the way.

Clarinet Realities by Geraldine Allen is an holistic approach that can be applied to players across a wide range both in age and in ability. The object of the initial sessions is to know what the body feels like when a supported sound is produced. You can then reproduce that model so that you can create a supported sound whatever the circumstance.

Creative Studies by Sarah Rodgers are an integral part of the course and are accompanied by detailed playing notes which guide the player each step of the way. The purpose of these creative exercises is for you to discover, through thoughtful preparation in practice, how your body feels in order to produce the best sound. Then, when you are performing your focus can be completely on the music.

"In exploring the fundamentals of clarinet technique through breathing - feeling - listening, the objective is to find a harmony between the body and producing the sound so that we are able to perform consistently to the best of our ability and sometimes even beyond our greatest expectations." Geraldine Allen

What people say -

"I have read your article "Clarinet realities" in the latest Clarinet & Saxophone with great interest and I commend the importance you attach to diaphragm breathing in clarinet playing. It is the best explanation I have read since that in "Clarinet Technique" by Frederick Thurston. In my experience too much emphasis in tutors and teaching is placed on the embouchure at the expense of breath control. Your article redresses the balance."


"Very well written . . . For me, it's a good article because of the gradation of exercises away from the clarinet."


"...thank you for your excellent article in the latest CASS issue...Please do not let this be the last, I am looking forward to your next words of wisdom ....... Please don't leave us in the dark." VA - UK

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