ComposerAlbum of composers
DifficultyUK grade 5 (moderate)
Instrumentsvoice (optional) and piano
Printed sheet music
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Picture of Sheet music  for voice (optional) and piano by Album of composers. Sheet music for piano solo with optional voice part in Hebrew

Contents: Katikvah - Passover (Ma nishtana? - Avadim hayinu - Dayeinu - Echad mi yodei-a? - Chad gadya - V'hi she-amda - L'shana haba-a - Chasal sidur Pesdach - El ginat egoz - Simcha raba) - Holocaust memorial Day (Ani ma'amin - Shir hapartizanim - S'brent) - memorial Day and Independence Day (Ma avareikh - Harei-ut - Livkot l'kha - Ben yafe nolad - Lalekhet shevi acharayikh - Ha-amini yom yavo - Kum v'hitalekh ba-arets) - Lag B'omer (Bar Yochai - Kashteinu al shichmanu - Lag b'omer) - Jerusalem Day (Zot Y'rushalayim - Simchu et Y'rushalayim - Mei'al pisgat Har Hatsofim - Shuvi bat Y'rushalayim - Or Virushalayim)

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