ComposerDonald Bousted
FormatA4 playing score(download)
PublisherDonald Bousted
Instrumentsviolin and piano
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Picture of Sheet music  by Donald Bousted. A fast, rhythmic piece for violin and piano.

The Rhythm-Spring (written in 1996) is a short, virtuosic piece for violin and piano. It was written quickly and intuitively and combines two simple ideas. The first was based on how rapidly plant-life changes in the springtime, which I had observed when I lived in the country. This was combined with thoughts about the rhythmic metres in the poetry of Gerald Manly Hopkins.

What I have attempted to do in The Rhythm-Spring is to make a piece which reflects the sprung-rhythms of Hopkin's verse and the vigour of natural forms springing to life. The piece refers to other musics to some extent, to minimalism and the music of the Baroque but the relentless speed of change helps deny a clear labelling - the music appears to be bursting out of itself.

The Rhythm-Spring was first performed at the Purcell Room in December 2000 by Adam Summerhayes (violin) and Alan Brown (piano) and was recorded by them on the Sargasso label later that year. It was performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival by David le Page (violin) and Dominic Saunders (piano) in November, 2001

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