ComposerJulian Dawes
Format3 scores
PublisherSOAM Music Publishing
InstrumentsVoice and Piano
Printed sheet music
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* See a page from Songs From Hanagid

* See a page from Songs From Hanagid

* See a page from Songs From Hanagid

Picture of Sheet music  by Julian Dawes. A setting of eight poems by the Hebrew poet Samuel Hanagid (993-1056AD) for High Voice and Piano

Samuel Hanagid lived from 993-1056AD.He was born in Cordoba and was among those hwo fled the capital when then Berber hordes destroyed the city in 1013.A renowned Talmudist and statesman, he was the first Spanish Jew to be granted the title Nagid ('Prince').He was appointed vizier shortly after the accession to the throne (1038) of Badis, the Berber ruler of Granada.In this capacity he commanded the armies of Granada in a series of victorious campaigns against Seville and her allies, which lasted from 1038 to !056.The many poems he sent his son from the battlefield constitute a unique poetic diary of his tempestuous life.He died after a strenuous compaign and was succeeded as vizier and commander by his son, Yehosef.Ten years later Yehosef was assassinated and the Jewish community of Granada was massacred by the Muslims.Hanagid's vast knowledge of Hebrew and Arabic culture is apparent ion his technical mastery and in his rich repertoire of themes and motifs.He excels in the fusion of epic and lyrical elements.

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