Strangers in the Night

Composer Bert/Singleton, Charles/Snyder, Eddie Kaempfert
Difficulty 3
Format score + parts
Publisher MUST
Instrumentsviolin, flute, oboe, soprano clarinet, clarinet, soprano sax, trumpet (Bb/C), cornet or mallet instruments; violin, clarinet, alto sax or trumpet (Bb/C); violin, viola, clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, french horn (Eb/F), trumpet (Bb/C), baritone or trombone (bc/tc); cello, bassoon, tenor sax, french horn (Eb/F), baritone or trombone (bc/tc); cello, double bass, bass gtr, bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone sax, baritone, trombone (bc/tc) or tuba (Bb/C/Eb); keyboard (optional); guitar (optional); percussion (optional)
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Sheet music for string quintet, woodwind quintet, saxophone quintet or brass quintet with optional keyboard, guitar and percussion by Bert Kaempfert, Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder

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