ComposerMalcolm Dedman
PublisherMisty Mountain Music
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Picture of Sheet music  by Malcolm Dedman. This is a short Toccata for piano solo which suggests to me how J S Bach might have written if he had lived in this century.

This toccata has progressed through 3 stages, starting out life as a piano study in 1986. In 1993, I was making a CD of my music for electronic keyboard, and decided to use the study as the basis for a 14 minute long piece entitled Light of Glory. Whilst working on this, I found I needed to make some minor changes, as some bars were not working harmonically, so I decided to abandon the original study.

However, the year 2000 was the 250th anniversary of the death of J S Bach, and I was asked to write a tribute to the great master. Rather than writing a new piece, I thought of incorporating the changes I made to the Light of Glory into the original study and, as the piece possesses a toccata-like character, I had the quirky idea that this is the kind of toccata Bach might have written had he lived in this century - hence the revised title!

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Picture of Sheet music  by Malcolm Dedman. This piece for piano solo is in two short movements, each of which may be played separately.  They are relatively unchallenging to perform.

Two Reflections
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