ComposerAlbum of composers
DifficultyUK grade 2 (very easy) < 4 (moderately easy)
FormatScore + Parts
Instruments3 clarinets, french horns, trumpets, trombones (tc) or euphoniums
Printed sheet music
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Picture of Sheet music  by Album of composers. Sheet music for 3 clarinets, french horns, trumpets, tenor trombones or euphoniums

Contents: Qué Dolor màs me Doliera (Peñalosa) - Ojos Morenicos (Escobar) - Paséisme aor' allá, Serrana (Escobar) - Lo que Queda es lo Seguro (Escobar) - Vita mia, com'e Spento quell' Amore (Nola) - Ahi, Dolce Sono (Nola) - Or Suis Je Bien au Pire (Willaert) - J'ayme par Amours (Willaert) - Perot, Viendras tu aux Nopces (Willaert) - Qui la Dira (Willaert) - Vous Marchez du Bout du Pié (Willaert) - Se mai Vedet' Amanti (Festa) - Ogni Beltà, Madonna (Festa) - Afflitti Spiriti Miei (Festa) - Madonna, io son un Medico Perfetto (Festa) - Vray Dieu d'Amours (Brumel) - Vencedores son tus Ojos (Escobar) - Amour Hellas (Crequillon) - Io Vivea com' Aquila (Landi) - Il Nostro Gran Dolore (Ruffo) - Tristo che Gionge (Todino) - Le Grant Desir (Mouton)

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