ComposerMalcolm Dedman
Difficultyapprox. grade 6
FormatA4 comb-bound performing score
PublisherMisty Mountain Music
Printed sheet music
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Picture of Sheet music  by Malcolm Dedman. This piece for piano solo is in two short movements, each of which may be played separately. They are relatively unchallenging to perform. A recording is available on the 'Piano Showcase' CD.

These two piano movements, written in 1987, are entitled Inner Being and Outer Being and are short meditations.

The first Reflection or meditation starts with 'mystic chords' which express our inner spirituality. This alternates with an eastern-style melody which expresses the need for greater tolerance between people of different cultures. The one reinforces the other and ultimately leads to a more peaceful existence.

The second movement reflects on the outer beauty of ourselves and the world in which we live. The two alternating sections may therefore be interpreted as:

- a meditation on the wonders and beauty of our natural world, and

- a prayer that mankind might preserve it.

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