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Music For Voice and Flute

Music For Voice and Flute (download)

Father Jean de Brebeuf/Traditional Irish Tune/W. B. Yeats/Traditional German Carol/Traditional 16th century French Carol

Grade 8 - Professional

A book of unique arrangements for voice and flute utilizing melodies from traditional folk music from Germany, Canada and Ireland.

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Sacred Music For Flute Alone

Sacred Music For Flute Alone (download)

Stephen Adams/New Britain/G. F. Handel/W. A. Mozart/Charles Gounod/Rockingham/Charles C. Converse/Shaker Melody/Jessie S. Irvine/Ludwig van Beethoven

Grade 8 or higher

These arrangements for solo flute are simply

my interpretation of these beautiful melodies.

The music is at times difficult, florid,

while at other times

it is filled with reflective melodies and long held notes.

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